Q&A With Microgrant Recipients Carter & Caragan


Siblings Carter (16) and Caragan (14) co-founded the nonprofit BrightYoungDyslexics. Inspired by Caragan’s experiences and challenges with dyslexia, Carter and Caragan support other young dyslexics via their nonprofit. With their Karma for Cara grant, they were able to run a dyslexia simulation event at a school to raise awareness about dyslexia and provide information to teachers, students and parents about the resources available to assist dyslexic students.

  1. How many volunteers participated your project & how many hours did it involve? 7 volunteers spent 27 hours on our project.
  2. What did you learn from this experience?At this particular simulation, we learned that this school had quite a few teachers who were knowledgeable about dyslexia–even some with dyslexic children. We also learned that the knowledge was not being shared among the teachers. Our simulation and presentation resulted in educating all teachers on current best practices for the classroom as well as a general sharing of knowledge.
  3. How will your project continue having an impact in the future?We perform dyslexia simulations on an ongoing basis. We have two more scheduled for this year. We also receive input from participants on dyslexia education needs as well as referrals of dyslexic students to our tutoring and assistive technology funding grants.
  4. Overall, summarize how your project was completed and how you think it went.Our simulation was an eye opening experience for many of the faculty. We also garnered future support of our nonprofit from a majority of the staff and have an expectation of future donations from them to support our mission.
  5. How was the Karma for Cara microgrant helpful in the completion of your project?The simulations and presentations have printing costs associated with them. We also donate book resources to the schools. The Karma for Cara microgrant was helpful in supporting the costs of this simulation/presentation.

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