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Karma for Cara Microgrants help fund exceptional projects led by youth 18 and under to help complete service projects in their communities. Read about our micro grant recipient Jarod Heuer, a 15 year old who volunteers with Cause for Paws. 

1. How did you become involved with Cause for Paws?

I love animals so much that I called Nancy Moore (president of Cause for Paws) and see if she needed any help, and she said yes….


Dear Friends,

2014 was an important year for K4C. We honored Cara’s memory with our initiatives to ease suffering, educate and inspire kids and young adults on the importance of service to others and recognize unsung heroes in service.

We are sending you this year-end update to keep you informed of our progress and to thank you for your support of our efforts to make a difference.

We printed and began distributing “Cara Cookie Volunteers” to schools and libraries across the country free of charge….


Karma for Cara Microgrants help fund exceptional projects led by kids 18 and under to help their communities. Read about our microgrant recipient Casey Sokolovic who works with Love a Sea Turtle. We provided a microgrant to help fund a Family Volunteer Day.

1. How did you become involved with Love a Sea Turtle?

A third grade field trip to a sea turtle hospital in 2005 was my initial inspiration to helping sea turtles….


Valentine’s Day normally brings to mind gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates. But what if this year you also made a gift in honor of your Valentine to Karma for Cara?

When you make a gift to Karma for Cara, it helps us send our book, “Cara Cookie Volunteers,” to elementary schools, provide service clubs to students, fund kid-led volunteer projects, recognize outstanding leaders in service and support programs giving comfort and care to cancer patients.

Make a gift by 10 a.m….