Monthly Archives: July 2014


On Tuesday, the Karma for Cara team visited Farragut Career Academy to volunteer with Chicago Cares and the Greenstar Movement.

The Greenstar Movement works to beautify and revitalize urban communities. The current project at Farragut Career Academy is an outdoor mural for the students and staff to enjoy. After a brief tutorial we got to work using mortar and tile to mosaic the wall! Our section was a sizeable leaf that turned into a puzzle. It was fun to hammer out the tile and find the perfect place for it on the wall.  …


Karma for Cara has had an exciting first half of this busy month of July and wanted to give you an idea of what we have been working on.

Our team met with two PR experts Colleen and Alli to begin the process of getting ready for the launch of our book, “Cara’s Cookie Volunteers”, as well as the launch of our new microgrants program. We are excited at the prospect of not only being able to share our message with a broader audience, but also to sponsor youths in their own volunteering projects….