Making a More Meaningful Thanksgiving


Last fall, the Beckers had an idea. Thanksgiving was fast approaching, and the Beckers already planned on having many family members and friends over to celebrate the holiday.

As a family with a long history of volunteering, they decided they wanted to add something new to their Thanksgiving celebration—something to really capture the spirit of the day and make the holiday more meaningful. They decided to add an element of giving back to the festivities.

Before dinner, the group gathered around long tables full of supplies and packed bags of toiletries and other goods for people at a shelter. They also made supply kits for an animal shelter.

The guests talked and laughed as they worked, and went home from Thanksgiving dinner that night feeling not just full, but emotionally fulfilled and inspired, as well. The Beckers decided this was the start of a new family tradition, one they hope others will join them in continuing. Their goal is to make every Thanksgiving an Inspired Thanksgiving.

Making your own Thanksgiving an Inspired Thanksgiving is easy! We’ve posted three easy and inexpensive service projects that families and friends can complete together. Check it out:

Let us know how you plan to make your Thanksgiving an Inspired Thanksgiving!