Feel Good Friday: K4C Volunteers


On Monday, the Karma for Cara team ventured to the Boys & Girls Club in Uptown for our February volunteer project.

Miriam and Abby worked with a group of third-through-sixth-grade students during Art in Action, an afterschool program that involves exploring a new topic and then completing an art project.

Together, the group read “Berry Magic,” a children’s book by Teri Sloat about a Fall Festival on the tundra and how the main character, Anana, saves the day. After reading the story, we discussed Alaska’s climate and topography and showed the kids where it is on a map.

The children then decorated blank pictures of Alaska using markers, colored pencils, stickers and tissue paper.

The kids had a great time, and so did we!

Keep checking our website for information on where we’ll be volunteering next month!
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