Bring “Cara Cookie Volunteers” to your school this year


Are you looking for a way to bring volunteering into your child’s school? Consider introducing “Cara Cookie Volunteers” to your child’s teacher.

If your child in is elementary school, introduce the idea of volunteering to the students by reading “Cara Cookie Volunteers” to the classroom.

“Cara Cookie Volunteers” tells the true story of the first time the Beckers volunteered together as a family. It chronicles the joys and importance of giving back, as well as overcoming the uncertainty and fears that may arise in young children in new situations. The book is fun and colorful and includes discussion questions.

To bring the lesson full circle, considering leading the kids through a brief, hands-on service project after reading the story. We’ve found a lot of success in having kids make thank you notes to be delivered by an adult to the local fire station or police station. Thank you note cards can also be made for soldiers, or encouragement cards for children in the hospital.

Another fun service idea is making snack bags for seniors. Decorate paper bags with colorful cookie drawings and fill the bags with packaged cookies. Include a well-wishes note and donate the bags to a local senior center.

“Cara Cookie Volunteers” is a great way to introduce kids to giving back using fun and creativity.

If you have (or are!) and older student, consider gathering a group of middle or high school kids to read to a group of children between 4 and 8. These older students can teach younger children about giving back while volunteering their own time, really driving home the message of service!

If you are interested in bringing “Cara Cookie Volunteers” to your school this year, let us know! Email We’re happy to donate a book and thank you note cards to interested schools.

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