What Kids Learn When They Volunteer


We all know that volunteering teaches kids about the importance of giving back and the good feelings we get from helping others. However, did you know that community service teaches children many life skills, as well?

At Karma for Cara, we strive to teach not only the joy of giving back, but also the entrepreneurial skills acquired while volunteering. Here are six skills kids learn when they volunteer:

  • Teamwork— When volunteering, kids learn to work together. Any service project has a discernable goal, and volunteers must find ways to work together to accomplish it. Cooperation and working together are key components of volunteering.
  • Creativity— Community service presents the following situation: Here is a problem in your community. What is the solution? Volunteering trains kids to think creatively about solutions to the problems they encounter. Often times, these solutions come from thinking outside the box and collaboratively brainstorming, flexing kids’ creativity muscles.
  • Problem Solving— Often times when working on service projects, problems arise. Due to shortages of people, supplies or time, volunteers often have to think strategically and quickly on their feet.
  • Organization— Completing service projects requires careful organization. A smart use of time, budget and materials is necessary, and volunteers must carefully consider these elements while working on projects.
  • Communication— When working on a service project, volunteers must clearly communicate with each other. Who is working on what part of the project? What is the next step? What are the priorities for completion? Volunteering teaches clear and concise communication skills.
  • Confidence— Giving back makes kids feel good. Knowing that you are capable of doing something that makes a difference and helps others is a great confidence boost! Kids who volunteer feel competent and accomplished.

Karma for Cara is especially proud to help kids enhance these skills through our Youth Microgrant program. Kids apply for funding to execute service projects in their communities, requiring them to apply all of the skills mentioned above. Through volunteering, we’re teaching kids to be compassionate leaders, leading the way for a bright future.