UNC AEPi Donates Proceeds from Philanthropy to K4C


The brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi at University of North Carolina recently held an ice cream fundraiser with all proceeds donating to Karma for Cara. We spoke with AEPi’s Vice President Matt Greenberg who coordinated the philanthropy.

Matt and his brothers came up with the idea of having an Ice Cream social fundraiser after discussing with friends where to find the best pistachio ice cream. After naming a few different places they thought it would be unique to assemble five local ice cream vendors to participate in a fundraiser. The event raised $5,200.00 through sales and outside donations. After having such great success, Matt hopes that this event will take place biannually or annually. He was proud to see such involvement by his fellow chapter members as well as community engagement.

Jake Becker is an active member in the AEPi chapter. Matt and his philanthropy chair members decided to donate the proceeds to K4C after learning about Jake’s connection to the foundation. The brothers wanted to support Jake and honor his sister Cara’s memory.  Matt hopes the social helped to raise awareness of K4C.

When asked what words of advice Matt has for youth wanting to create a service event he responded as follows, “Recognizing there is a cause you want to benefit and realizing that no matter what it is, it takes one person to make a huge difference and make the world a better place.”

Other AEPi members had wonderful thoughts to share about the event.

“We really enjoyed hosting the Karma for Cara ice cream social. The event was a huge success and it felt good supporting a cause that was near and dear to one of our brothers.” Adam Shapiro

“The Ice Cream Social was one of the most fun philanthropy events that I’ve been a part of since coming to UNC. Seeing everyone enjoying delicious ice cream while wearing our bright pink K4C Ice Cream Social t-shirts in front of the AEPi house was truly a sight that I’ll never forget.” Michael Tommer

“I‘m very proud of the effort we put into making the event successful. Everyone had a blast and I’m looking forward to seeing it become an AEPi tradition.” Jeremy McMillan

I’m really proud of how many people we were able to get out to support such a great cause. I’m looking forward to continuing the event in future years to raise support and awareness for leukemia.” Hayden Lawler

Thank you so much to the UNC AEPi chapter for supporting Karma for Cara!

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