Recognizing Americans to Join Together to Volunteer


Arianna Huffington of the The Huffington Post published an article about Points of Light, an organization which was founded 23 years ago with a mission of promoting and recognizing Americans to join together to volunteer. The article cites how volunteering has remained the backbone of American history and present day culture that instills the desire to organize Americans as one to face adversity.The name Points of Light is derived from a report given by President Bush, on January 8, 1993, who described people “who gave their time and energy to their fellow Americans as “a thousand points of light”. The article mentions a program called “Family Matters” that emphasizes the positive influences passed onto generations by families volunteering together. “Family Matters” has the hopes of making volunteering a fun and high priority activity that a family can participate in which ties into the values of Cara’s family as they frequently volunteered together. The 5,000th winner of the Daily Point of Light award worked on a farm their entire career and rather than retire made it their mission to combat world hunger, and thus formed their non-profit called “Outreach” to deliver free meals to children.

The Becker Family and many of their friends found that family volunteering had an incredible impact on character and leadership development, a sense of responsibility and positive family dynamics. We at K4C have first handedly experienced the incredible impact that volunteering for the first time has made on our family. It inspired Cara to be involved in a number of volunteer programs growing up and going out of her way to help others.

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