Q&A With Microgrant Recipient Tara


Meet second time Karma for Cara microgrant recipient Tara (15) from Indiana. Tara founded the nonprofit Swimming for All in 2016 when she was 13 years old. The organization is dedicated to ending drowning across people of all backgrounds and abilities. You can read about her earlier K4C microgrant project here.

What inspired you to start this project?

Growing up, my uncle suffered from a severe mental disability which prevented him from learning how to swim. Being a competitive swimmer since the age of four, I have grown to learn the importance of swimming. Watching how my close family member’s disability limited his inclusion in various family activities, and put his life at risk, I was shocked. I could not imagine that something so prominent in my life was out of reach for him because of a disability. As I became more aware of the world around me, I noticed how frequently opportunities that I was able to experience and cherish were simply unavailable to others, just because of a disability.  The injustice I witnessed firsthand prompted me to begin Swimming for All, an organization with an aim to end drowning, specifically in children with autism and in low-income communities. 

Other than you, how many student volunteers participated in your service project? 60

Other than you, how many adult volunteers participated in your service project? 4

How many hours did you spend on your project? 150

How many hours did other volunteers spend on your project? 250

How many individuals were affected by your project? 100

During the time period between when you applied for a K4C microgrant & when you completed the project, what surprised you?

I was surprised with how many different aspects there were to coordinate swim lessons, but I am incredibly grateful to have learned from the experience.

Overall what did you learn from this experience?

I learned that it is okay to ask for help from adults, especially ones who are experienced in the change you are trying to make. I also learned that tasks must be delegated to a team in order to make the biggest impact possible.

How will your project continue having an impact in the future?

We plan to continue the swim lessons into the future. Now that we are experienced with the organization of the lessons, we hope to have an even bigger impact in the future. 

How was the K4C microgrant helpful in the completion of your project?

The K4C microgrant was incredibly helpful in funding Swimming for All. Without the funds provided, we would not have been able to have pool space which is vital to our swim clinics.