Q&A With Microgrant Recipient Kayla


Karma for Cara microgrants help fund exceptional service projects led by youth 18 years of age and under working to better their communities. Read about our microgrant recipient Kayla. Kayla’s Gold Star project updated the children’s room at House of Ruth.

1.  What Inspired you to start this project? 

I have a love for children and have grown very passionate of The House of Ruth’s mission. My project focused on the children’s program at The House of Ruth’s outreach center in Pomona. The House of Ruth is a non-profit organization that assists women and children who are victims of domestic violence by providing shelter, support, and other services. I wanted to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for the children taking part in the children’s program by refurbishing/upgrading the children’s area. I really wanted these children and their mothers to feel comfortable and welcome throughout their time at the outreach center.

2.  Why is your work important to you?

This project was important to me because women and children who are victims of an overwhelming and disheartening experience like domestic violence deserve to feel at peace and live a fulfilling life. If my project made even one child feel a bit happier than their prior circumstances, I am blessed that my work has brought even the slightest of joy at their time in the outreach center.

3.  How did the money from the grant help with your project?

From the first time I visited, I saw that their TV was very outdated but always in use. It was a clunky 10 inch tabletop model mounted on the wall. It was secured with Velcro and the staff used the end of a paintbrush to turn it on. Even though I saw a need, I did not have the funds to purchase one. Towards the end of my project, I was notified by the Karma for Cara Foundation that I would be receiving a $300 grant. This enabled me to purchase and install a 32 inch flat-screen Samsung TV, a full-tilt mount, and an accessory shelf.  I surprised them with this after the renovation was complete and they were absolute thrilled. The staff shared how excited and happy the children would be to watch movies on a sleeker and updated television set.

4.  What message of giving back do you have for others?

Giving back to my community has been one of the most enlightening experiences that I have gone through. It is very rewarding to know that children are relaxing and enjoying themselves comfortably in the outreach center. By not giving up and working hard, you can touch and positively impact others in ways you wouldn’t think of.