Q&A With Microgrant Recipient Joe


Karma for Cara Microgrants help fund exceptional service projects led by youth 18 and under working to better their communities. Read about our microgrant recipient, Joe, a mentor and tutor who organized the creation of a new library at the Carver Community Center.

1. What inspired you to volunteer at the Carver Community Center?

As a sophomore, I decided to participate in the community service program at my school. Ever since, I have absolutely loved mentoring and tutoring our young scholars in the program; however, I noticed something that could greatly be improved. The library at the Carver center was inadequate and did not feel like a library at all. I wanted to create a room that felt more like a library or bookstore that promoted reading in a positive way. As I child, I always admired these places of learning, and I wanted the children at the Carver center to experience this same feeling everyday.

2. Why is your work important to you?

I believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn; however, there are people in this world that lack the resources to be successful. This new library will give children resources that they would otherwise not have access to. The resource that this project provides is of course access to reading. Children will never learn how to read unless they are constantly exposed to books and other people that share a love of reading with them. Reading is an essential life skill which this library will only strengthen.

3. How did the money from the microgrant help with your project?

Without the microgrant from K4C, the library would not look like it does today. There would be no lamps, rugs, book ends, or any other essential decorations. These items transformed an ordinary room into an appealing and interactive learning environment.

4. What message of giving back do you have for others?

Any way you can give back to your community no matter how small or insignificant it may seem plays a crucial role in creating a better world. You have the opportunity to change lives with simple acts of kindness. Look around your community and help those that are living in worse conditions than you, empower them to achieve more, and marvel at the progress you will make. If you need help getting started, reach out to organizations like K4C to make your vision a reality.

Joe Julian