Q&A With Microgrant Recipient Jackie


Karma for Cara Foundation awards microgrants to youths 18 years of age and younger who spearhead exceptional service projects in their communities. 17 year old Jackie from Florida used her award to launch Piece of Peace to educate students about improving mind, body, and spirit with healthy snacking and practicing yoga. Many underprivileged kids do not have access to snacks, cannot afford healthy snacks, or eat cheap, unhealthy snacks. Jackie’s goal was to provide nutritional education and the raw ingredients, so kids could make healthy snacks at home. In addition, she taught students yoga to help keep them calm and well balanced because they can do yoga anywhere at no cost.

  1. How many volunteers participated in your service project (other than you)? 120 and growing
  2. How many hours did you specifically spend on your project? If other participants were involved, how many hours did they spend on the project? This past summer I spent 42 hours a week on my project. Other participants spent 1-2 hours a week volunteering.
  3. How many individuals were affected by your project? Around 1000. But I’m about to launch my project at other locations which will affect over 14,000 kids.
  4. What did you learn from this experience? I have learned a tremendous amount from the beginning. Since creating my own curriculum, I have become better at figuring out the best way to translate the information to kids.
  5. How will your project continue having an impact in the future? We are growing exponentially. We are currently in 12 countries. Most of our clubs are based in Florida, but we also have some in Philadelphia and will start soon in Boston. My goal is to put my curriculum into the school system and into all of the YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs in the United States.
  6. Overall, summarize how your project was completed and how you think it went. I’m continuing the project. It is going great.
  7. How was the Karma for Cara microgrant helpful in the completion of your project? Karma for Cara has been extremely helpful. The grant covered yoga cards and the printing of posters. The yoga cards are available in over 50 locations–just for kids!