Q&A with Microgrant Recipient Casey


Karma for Cara Microgrants help fund exceptional projects led by kids 18 and under to help their communities. Read about our microgrant recipient Casey Sokolovic who works with Love a Sea Turtle. We provided a microgrant to help fund a Family Volunteer Day.

1. How did you become involved with Love a Sea Turtle?

A third grade field trip to a sea turtle hospital in 2005 was my initial inspiration to helping sea turtles. After baking and selling over 10,000 sea turtle-shaped sugar cookies, I expanded my mission by giving presentations and providing educational outreach programs, creating outdoor STEM and water-focused environmental summer camps for at-risk youth, and organizing year round service learning projects to engage my community.

2. Why is your work important to you?

I believe our actions on land create reactions in the ocean – good and bad. You don’t have to live near the ocean to make an impact. The camps and programs get youth outdoors to experience and appreciate nature. We have to help them first understand and develop an appreciation for their surroundings in order to want to protect it. Last summer, we kayaked 100 miles and tested water along the way for river awareness. This has led to my organization providing scientific equipment and support to over 400 students in 6 schools in 6 counties. They collect water samples each week, perform water testing, learn to use scientific equipment, and participate in several river and land clean-ups during the school year. This is all part of our upstream downstream connection to the ocean and marine life.

3. How did the money from the microgrant help with your project?

The micro grant funds enabled us to purchase supplies and equipment to build winter hoop houses, complete garden projects and have adequate equipment for more people to help with outdoor projects.

4. What message of giving back do you have for others?

In order to make a difference, you must become the difference.