Q&A with Microgrant Recipient Antavius


Karma for Cara Foundation awards microgrants to youths 18 years of age and younger who spearhead exceptional service projects in their communities. 12-year-old microgrant recipient Antavius used his award to launch a beautification project at his school. Antavius and other students of the Youth Empowerment Academy of Vance County Schools planted three trees to create a foundation for a garden for the school. This was the first step in the beginning of beatification of the school grounds and would later become a garden for the academy (in which students would plant flowers). The students at the academy are children who are on long term suspension and remediation and would like to still have somewhere to complete their schoolwork and not get too far behind in their studies. They want their school to look like a school and not a prison.


  1. How many people participated in your service project? 15


2. How many hours did you and other participants spend on the project? 4 to 5 hours


3. What did you learn from this experience?

That when you put effort in something and work hard at it then you can achieve it. Working with your hands can be fun and educational.

4. How will your project continue having an impact in the future?

It will make the Youth Empowerment Academy look alive again. Students will also continue to maintain and add to the garden as the seasons get better. Also new students will work on the garden as they enter into the Youth Empowerment Academy.

5. Overall, summarize how your project was completed and how you think it went.  

We completed it in two days. Wednesday, we created area for the dirt to be put in by removing rocks and trash from the area. On Friday we got the dirt and planted the trees and flowers. It went great because everyone was working together, and we were taking turns.

6. How was the Karma for Cara microgrant helpful in the completion of your project?  

The grant help by helping to pay for the items that were needed.