Our first Karma for Cara blog update


First, thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us for so long. It has been so heartening to read beautiful notes and emails, as well as to speak to so many. It has helped so much.

What has happened so far this year? Back in the spring we had some excitement and heard that Jake had been accepted to UNC. He will be visiting UNC for orientation in July and heading to Chapel Hill as a freshman in August. Go Jake!

Greg has moved to Chicago where he partnered with Alex Goldman and started Elevate Data Centers, which is looking to build a modular data facility in Chicago.

Jake graduated just last week from McDonogh School. He received an award from his coaches for Squash. We were so excited to see him graduate. Eric was invited to sit on the stage and got to see Jake’s expression of happiness right up close. We are so proud of our Jake.

We had our first of a series of planning meetings for Karma for Cara. Already some enterprising friends of Cara’s have done things like run in the Color Run and run a half marathon in NY, all to raise funds for the foundation. We filed Karma for Cara as a public foundation as we want the mission to be something that the community that loved Cara and our family could all be part of…our dream to do good works in her memory and to honor her life and goodness.

We will be posting the notes from the meeting on this site, so anyone who is interested can follow our path. We know we want to do an annual event that we could all participate in to see each other, celebrate Cara, and do something good, all at the same time. You can get updates thoughtfully emailed to you by signing up for our Karma for Cara update list above or here.