Musician Morley gears up for May 18 event


On May 18, musical artist Morley Kamen, along with four accompanying musicians, will take the stage at Cunningham’s for Karma for Cara’s first event of the year, “Remembering Cara: A Special Night With Morley.” The night promises to be full of love and warmth, in large part due to Morley’s performance.

Morley calls her musical style a cross between soul and urban folk, with an emphasis on storytelling. She has played venues from Carnegie Hall to the Nice Jazz Festival to the Nomad Women’s Festival in the Sahara Desert, spreading her message of love and justice. Her careful and conscious lyrics generate an atmosphere of inspiration and togetherness, which is what she hopes create at the event.

“Music is a great unifier,” she said. “It weaves stories of all of our lives together, and everyone can relate to a story of an individual somehow.”

Morley and Eric Becker first got in touch through BYkids, a nonprofit organization that pairs filmmakers with kids from across the globe to make short documentaries about global issues and the impact on their lives.

Throughout the evening, Morley hopes to take in the audience and energy, resulting in an original song. She said she and her accompanying musicians feel honored to perform at the intimate event.

“We’re really looking forward to the honor of being there and celebrating the amazing life of this beautiful and visionary young woman,” said Morley. “It’s very dear to me.”

She said from what she has heard and read about Cara, it is clear she was the type of person who could see beyond her immediate situation and surroundings. Her vision reached a farther distance.

During the night, Morley plans to spread Cara’s altruistic thinking and spirit through her music, celebrating the impact Cara had and continues to have on others.

“The main goal is to continue to highlight her message,” Morley said. “It’s a celebration of her life and your part in her life.”

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