Mid-month wrap-up: What have we been up to?


Karma for Cara has had an exciting first half of this busy month of July and wanted to give you an idea of what we have been working on.

Our team met with two PR experts Colleen and Alli to begin the process of getting ready for the launch of our book, “Cara’s Cookie Volunteers”, as well as the launch of our new microgrants program. We are excited at the prospect of not only being able to share our message with a broader audience, but also to sponsor youths in their own volunteering projects. If you know of a particular school or library in your community that could benefit from the addition of “Cara’s Cookie Volunteers” to its book collection, please let us know; we are currently cultivating a list of places to send these books to.

Going along with the theme of widening our reach, Karma for Cara also added an Instagram account to our list of social media presences. If you use Instagram and would like to see what our team is up to, follow us at @karmaforcara!

We were also recently fortunate to host a high school intern for a week. Our dynamic intern provided valuable feedback for our club-in-a-box and microgrants programs. Through this week-long experience, the Karma for Cara team gained more insight into the needs and priorities of high school students, our intended target participants for the club-in-a-box program.

As we head into the second half of July, we look forward to more updates on these exciting projects, as well as continuing to plan for our fast approaching Weekend of Service!