Karma for Cara Foundation News!


Wow! Have we really not been in touch with you since February?!

Lots of exciting things have happened at Karma for Cara during the past 8 months!

First & foremost we hope you’ve had a chance to check out our beautiful NEW WEBSITE! Hop on and poke around: we’ve got fabulous images, streamlined copy & a microgrant application that will knock your socks off!

Speaking of MICROGRANTS, that is Karma for Cara’s main focus at this point. We remain committed to sending copies of Cara Cookie Volunteers, the true story of Cara’s first experience as a volunteer, to schools & libraries at no charge—500 copies to date! We’ve partnered with & supported two year old HORIZON DAY CAMP-Baltimore by providing a free summer camp experience & year-round programming for cancer patients & their siblings. Finally our partnership with LIVING CLASSROOMS FOUNDATION & the #InspiredToServe program established in honor of Cara who was an intern there continues to thrive!

K4C microgrants are actually part of #InspiredToServe as Living Classrooms handles administration of the microgrants. Eric, Jill and family still read and make decisions about all of the grant applications, but we want to send a special shoutout to Erin & Rebekah at Living Classrooms who compile all the information and read applications as well.

In our very first round of microgrants we received 19 applications. This latest round (#13) we received 120 applications! We are proud that the program has grown so much—even more opportunities for youth across the country to engage in service, make a difference, and repair our world! To date we have awarded $100,599 in microgrants for projects initiated & completed by young people aged 18 and younger.

And what would news from Karma for Cara be without putting a spotlight on a microgrant recipient?!

18 year old Sabina from New Jersey applied for a K4C microgrant to run a second summer of Girl Science Interactive, a program she founded.

In Sabina’s own words:

“I always loved science and math. When I entered high school, I noticed there were very few girls in my advanced science and math classes. I also read studies that showed very few girls in the U.S. are pursuing STEM careers. I have been working in a research lab since 9th grade and understood what it was like to feel frustrated at times. I wanted to show young girls that science could be fun and exciting and become as passionate about science as I am.”

Campers learned about topics such as: energy and matter, global warming and renewable energy, the solar system, electricity, chemistry, and neuroscience. According to Sabina the girls especially enjoyed Astronomy Day when they made a balloon rocket and a Mars rover.

With her microgrant Sabina was able to run 6 additional camps in NJ and PA! And half of the camps were in economically disadvantaged areas where families may not have been able to afford summer camps.

Fast forward 2 years: Girls Science Interactive (now called STEM We Can!) is a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit with 45 summer camps, after school programs, and STEM workshops across the United States. And in August 2016, Girls Science Interactive was featured on Good Morning America.

Nicely done, Sabina!

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