K4C Update: Making a Documentary


Last week, Karma for Cara was busy with a new kind of project. We were in Baltimore working on “Inspire to Serve,” a short documentary. The doc focuses on Cara and her commitment to volunteering, even when she herself was in need. Keeping with this theme, we partnered with our friends at Living Classrooms Foundation to highlight two outstanding students in Baltimore who attend Crossroads School, a charter school run through Living Classrooms. Service is an integral part of Crossroads School’s curriculum.

We spent time last week with Kendrea Chiosi and Nigel Campbell-Christie. Kendrea is an eighth grader whose dedication to service comes from home, where her family frequently helps out in the community. She is spending her free time building a small lending library to place in a park near her home.

Nigel, another eighth grader, was chosen as the eighth grade representative to the Associated Student Congress of Baltimore City (ASCBC). He travels around to different middle schools and talks to kids about their experiences at school and takes it back to the Baltimore Public School system office.

Both kids are rockstars in and outside of the classroom, and it was great spending time with them and hearing about their lives.

While we spent the first half of the week focusing on Living Classrooms, Kendrea and Nigel, we shifted our focus during the second half of the week to Cara’s families and friends. It was a warm few days hearing favorite memories and anecdotes, and as always we continued to be inspired by Cara’s commitment to volunteerism and her serving and loving spirit.

We teamed up with Actuality Media to work on this project. Robin Canfield led the team, running the camera, microphones and teaching us a thing or two about film making.

It will be a few months until a final product comes together, and we are so excited to share it with you all then!