K4C Recognizes Leader in Service March 2014: Rose Becker


Rose Becker, a cousin of Cara, recently had her Bat Mitzvah and asked that her friends and family in lieu of presents make donations to Karma for Cara. We could not be more touched and honored by her generous contribution to the foundation.

Below is a message from Rose:

“Cara and I had such a special bond, we were like sisters. Honestly, it was a no-brainer to donate all of the money to Karma for Cara, because the wonderful foundation, and Cara, deserve it beyond belief. I know that by having everyone donate to K4C that my love for Cara can be shared, and I can make a difference. I feel great knowing that so many people could donate to Karma for Cara in my honor. It makes me feel so great knowing that I am actually making a difference, and for something that I actually connect with and have a love for. I think that my generation of teenagers has the power to change the world, and there’s nothing holding us back. By volunteering, we can change so many people’s lives, and knowing that we’ve done that is all the gratification I need. This was a life changing experience, seeing how many people donated and care. Just by one little action, we can all make a difference, no matter the size. I cannot believe how many people have donated and supported me; we ended up raising $20,000!”

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