K4C Recognized Leaders in Service August 5, 2013: Grant Cohen and Jack Miller


Grant Cohen, a sophomore at the University of Maryland and Jack Miller, a junior at McDonogh School, created their own jobs this summer by starting “MC Windows”, a home window washing service for residents in the Baltimore area.  Grant and Jack have utilized their sales savvy and literally knocked on doors to build their business. These two young men had the idea to open a window washing business from Jack’s dad, Ira Miller, who had a summer job of washing windows when he was growing up. This has proved a very valuable learning experience for Grant and Jack to learn about the process of starting their own business. Typically MC Windows has a near full schedule working Monday thru Friday with 1-2 houses a day.

What separates their summer business venture apart from other college-aged and high school-aged individuals is that they are donating 15% of their profits to Karma for Cara Foundation. Grant and Jack are cousins of Cara Becker, which is what inspired them to take a portion of their well-earned profits and donate it to the foundation. When Grant and Jack tell their customers about their donation to K4C a number have generously made an additional donation to the foundation. From this experience, Grant and Jack have realized that making a job more than just work can be incredibly rewarding. They proudly say that “In order to be successful, you have to work hard. Find something that motivates you, like the memory of our cousin Cara. It allows you to be as successful as you can while doing good for others.”

Grant and Jack believe that their respective schools have plenty of outlets for youth involvement in the community, such as a 40 hour community service requirement at McDonogh High School and a number of student run volunteer organizations at the University of Maryland. Jack believes that the community service requirement helps motivate kids to volunteer more once their requirement is finished, thereby transforming from a requirement to a life-long commitment.

K4C thanks Grant and Jack for their generous contribution to the foundation and for providing an incredible example for other young people in their community. We wish them good luck with their business!

Grant and Jack can be contacted by email at