Feel Good Friday: Team K4C Volunteers at Uptown Cafe


At Karma for Cara, we talk a lot about volunteering and taking time to give back. We recently decided there is no better way to inspire others to serve than to lead by example, so on Tuesday the K4C team visited the JUF Uptown Cafe for a night of volunteering.

JUF Uptown Cafe, run through the Jewish United Fund, is a kosher anti-hunger program located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The program serves both Jewish and non-Jewish clients, but remains kosher in order to be accessible to everyone. It provides food for program members three nights a week and Sundays for brunch.

On Tuesday night, we (Miriam, Abby and Nisha) served dinner and enjoyed sitting and conversing with program members. We met some wonderful, interesting people and managed not to spill any food or drinks!

For more information, or to sign up to volunteer at Uptown Cafe, visit their website. You can also sign up to volunteer on Sunday, August 10 during Karma for Cara’s Weekend of Service. For more information on our Weekend of Service, visit our Facebook event page. RSVP by clicking “Join” and post on the wall how you’ll be volunteering that weekend.


Abby, Nisha and Miriam at Uptown Cafe