Cara’s Cheesebombs Tasting


Last night we had one of our final tastings for Cara’s Cheesebombs, a delicious cheesy and crunchy cracker that is also gluten-free! Inspired by the classic taste of the “Cheez-it” she so enjoyed before her transition to a gluten-free diet, Cara sought out to develop a gluten-free cracker that would “explode” with flavor. To our excitement when we compared Cara’s Cheesebombs to other crackers we learned how they had a great crunch, delicious cheesy taste and our nutritional profile was so much healthier!

When Cara was diagnosed with Leukemia her brother Greg took charge of the developing process of Cara’s Cheesebombs. Thanks to his hard work and the work of Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations we are almost done with the cracker and cannot wait to move onto the next phases which are packaging and then putting Cara’s Cheesebombs on the shelves of grocery stores! If anyone has any contacts with retailers who want to help, please message us! Our goal is to honor Cara’s wish that 100% of the profits will go to the foundation!

karma for cara