Baltimore Summer “Southside Cup Invitational”


On July 18, 2013, Baltimore’s 5th Southside Cup Invitational Tennis Tournament was held in honor of Cara Becker at the Woodholme Country Club. The tournament, organized by Jill Becker, Jodi Brodie, Pam Gillin, Elyse Jacob and Karen Philippou, drew 30 local women to participate. Despite record setting heat, with temperatures soaring to 100 degrees and a lightning show, the ladies challenged one another on the courts for more than two hours. There was a fantastic mix of camaraderie and competition.

All of the women were delighted to support Karma for Cara. A special thank you to Pam Gillin and her family for hosting a lovely dinner at her home following the tournament. The finalists include Lisa Kaufman and Lisa Scott vs. Elyse Jacob and Annie Matthews. While Elyse and Annie took home the coveted 2013 Southside Cup trophies, the champion of the day was the spirit of good will that was shared by all. The $4,500 that was raised is a true tribute to Cara and the Becker Family. All were honored to be a part. Thank you to those who donated and for the many expressions of gratitude for this wonderful event!

Southside Tournament