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Cara Cookie Volunteers

Cara Cookie Volunteers

Cara Cookie Volunteers is a children’s book that tells the true story of Cara’s first time volunteering. The book introduces kids to the importance and benefits of volunteerism and encourages them to get involved in community service. If you would like a book sent to your school or library free of charge, email

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What people are saying:

“We are using [the book] this week as we prepare for Thanksgiving. Our students always help the local food pantry organize donations during this week for the holiday handout the Friday before Thanksgiving and it tied into our lesson plan nicely. Thank you!”
Angela Smith, The Good Shepherd Child Care Center

“I got it and my class loved it! Thank you so much. We will be passing on the message.”
Daniella Behm, Calibre Academy of Surprise

“My class enjoyed [the book] and shared their experiences volunteering. They were excited to learn that Cara was a real person!”
Katie Rhodehamel, Fulton Elementary School

“The book has a permanent place in our library collection for students and staff to check out. At a recent staff meeting I talked about the book and the Karma for Cara organization…Like Cara, our students become involved in community service and volunteer activities at an early age. This book is a great addition to our collection and a wonderful legacy for Cara Becker.”
Judith Lenger, Wescott Elementary School




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